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Open Source Work
  • Lead Developer and maintainer of yum (, an automated system updater deployed internationally on several hundred thousand systems and installed by default in: the Fedora Core, Yellowdog Linux, Centos, Tao, Caos and Whitebox Linux distributions.
  • Lead Developer of createrepo and the rpm xml repository metadata format
  • Fedora Project Board Member
  • Developer/re-builder Centos Project
  • Developer on Fedora Extras build system
  • Former contributor and co-author of the NFS Howto 1999-2000
Professional Experience

June 2007 -- Red Hat, Inc
Senior Software Engineer

Developer to many projects inside and outside Red Hat and Fedora. Lead on the yum package manager, co-lead on FUNC - Fedora Unified Network Controller. Also helped maintain the deployment, build, systems configuration infrastructure for Fedora.

Oct 2005 -- April 2007 Duke University Office of Information Technology
Senior System Administrator

In most ways this is the same job as my previous position only being managed from the central Information Technology group rather than Physics.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • plan and maintain server deployment and maintenance infrastructure for a rapidly growing set of linux machines (100-150 systems
  • Produced audit checklist and direct group of admins for an audit of all the linux systems in the environment
  • Maintained patches and updates for the linux distributions used by all of campus
  • Participated in Fedora Project planning to coordinate university needs
  • Maintain development server lab. Handling day-to-day power/cooling/etc problems

Sept 1999 -- Sept 2005 Duke University Physics Durham, NC
Senior System Administrator
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plan, develop and maintain server and deployment infrastructure for experimental and computational physics network. System containing over 200 systems and 25 servers.
  • Maintain backup and file services for over 2TB of data. Backup system required daily incremental backups available for 30 days and monthly archival backups available for 18 months.
  • Manage and determine budgets for the coming year. Budget averaged $50000-60000.
  • Manage and oversee two other systems support staff in day-to-day as well as longterm planning.
  • Maintain linux distribution based on Red Hat Linux, Centos and Fedora Core for department and campus-wide use. System is currently deployed to over 1200 computers on Duke's campus.
  • Keep abreast of security concerns and issues for Linux Operating systems to provide patches for campus.
  • Advise Associate Dean for Computing of Arts and Sciences on long range planning and management issues.
  • Involved in many technology committees for deployment of services and infrastructure department, school and campus-wide

Oct 1998 -- Sept 1999 NewEraCom Asheville,NC
System Administrator

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Setup, configure and administer corporate Web, Mail, FTP, POP, IMAP, SAMBA based file and print server.
  • Maintenance and configuration of Linux and FreeBSD, Routers, WebServers (Apache), Mailservers (Sendmail), Samba And NetAtalk(Macintosh File and Print Sharing from Unix)
  • Network Accounting and Monitoring.
  • Wireless Networking:
    • Installation of Antenna sites
    • Configuration of Wireless Hardware and Software
    • Monitoring and maintenance of Wireless Network
  • Network Monitoring(SNMP) - Multiple private MIBS, MIB-II and HOST
  • R&D on Functional Linux-based Devices for VPN/Routing/Internet Connectivity
May 1998 -- Sept 1998 Interactive Education Richmond, VA
Network Engineer and System Administrator
  • Setup, configure and administer corporate Web, Mail, FTP, POP, SAMBA based file and print server.
  • Programming of Web Database Applications.

May 1996 -- May 1998 Emory & Henry College Emory, VA
Network Engineer

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Setup and maintain file, application and print servers (approx 1200 users ~200 simultaneous).
  • Setup and maintain internet connectivity for campus community. Including T1 maintenance, email and web access.
  • Configure and maintain ethernet hubs and routers for campus network.
  • Build, Setup and configure workstations and servers.
  • Install and troubleshoot computer hardware and software.
  • Coordinate with hardware sales representatives for purchase of computers for campus network.
  • Take Student and Staff Support Calls

May 1997 -- July 1997 nFlux inc. Richmond, VA
Web Programmer

  • Web Authoring
  • Perl CGI scripting
  • Involved in design, layout and production of web sites.
  • Assisted in administration of in-house web and file server.
Notable Server application fluency includes:
Apache web server, NIS/YP and NFS, Samba, vsftpd, wuftpd, Netatalk, Postfix, Sendmail, MySQL Database Servers, Dovecot Imap, UW-Imap, Cyrus Imap, Syslog-ng, Nagios, Mon, Epylog, Amanda backup system
Programming/Scripting Languages include:
Python, BASH Shell Scripting, Perl, limited C (mostly bugfixing)
Other Experience/Work related education:
Completed course in Windows NT and Unix system integration from American Research Group training schools.
More experience with miscellaneous user-land apps on Linux/Unix/and MS products than I care to mention.
1998 Emory & Henry College Emory, VA
BA Political Science
Awards Received
  • April 2005: Meritorious Service Award: Duke University
  • April 1997: Emily Williams English Speaking Union Award: Scholarship to study political science and philosophy at Cambridge University, Cambridge England.
  • 1994-1998: Creed Fulton Academic Scholarship.
  • Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society.
  • Blue Key Honor Fraternity.
Other Interests

Interests include my dog; reading science fiction novels, bicycling and using fountain pens.

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